Thursday, April 1, 2010

convert and import VOB file to iTunes on Mac

A VOB file is a container format in DVD-Video media. If you have a VOB video file that you have ripped from a DVD, you can play it with VLC or DVD player on Mac. But if you want to add VOB files to iTunes, you need to convert it to iTunes friendly format like MP4. Then you can take VOB movies with your on your iPod and enjoy it on the go.

To convert and add VOB movies to iTunes on Mac OS X, this professional yet easy-to-use iMedia Converter for Mac (Get Free Trial Intel version) gives you a hassle free experience. The advantage of this VOB to iTunes Mac video Converter are low CPU use, high conversion speed and the output videos looks quite nice on iPod screen.

How to convert VOB movies to iTunes on Mac OS X with 3 easy steps

1.Load VOB files to the program

Drag the VOB files (or Video-TS folder) to the program and you can drag the files to change the order of the VOB files.

2.Select an output format from output format dropdown list.

Select "MOV-QuickTime (*mov)" for iTunes library VOB files organization. If you want to upload output files to your iPod/iPhone, you can select an output format conveniently according to which iPod/iPhone you have.

This Mac VOB to iTunes Converter allows you to capture audio from VOB movies to MP3, AAC, etc.

3.Start VOB to iTunes conversion on Mac OS X

Hit the "Convert" button to start VOB to iTunes conversion, this VOB to iTunes converter for Mac will get the rest done. The advantage of doing this is the size of the output file will be smaller than VOB file.

That’s it! When the VOB to iTunes conversion is done, this smart iMedia Converter for Mac will automatically add the output files to iTunes! Now you can import VOB files to iTunes Mac easily and put your favorite VOB movies on your iPod and enjoy them on the go!

more about:
FLV Converter Mac
makes FLV video playback and editing in Mac OS X easy and a hassle free experience. If you want to convert FLV video on Mac, for playback in QuickTime, viewing on iPod, iPhone or for editing on OS X. Mac users can use this converter can import FLV video to iPod mac.the same as a easy to use FLV to MOV Mac Converter provides Mac users handy solution in playing FLV videos with QuickTime smoothly on Mac, For hassle free experience, just ,convert FLV to MOV on Mac and the output MOV format is Mac friendly. If you want to edit FLV videos in iMovie, it also can help us convert FLV to QuickTime Mac.FLV to iMovie Covnerter helps Mac users to edit FLV videos in iMovie to create their own cool videos.If try to import FLV to iMovie, you notice that the FLV videos just grey out.

FLV to iTunes Mac video Converter provides Mac users hassle free experience in importing FLV videos in iTunes for organizing or uploading to portable players like iPod. FLV format is not supported by iTunes on Mac, so convert FLV to iTunes on mac is necessary or you won’t be able to import flash videos to iTunes Mac. With the help of this Mac FLV to iTunes Converter.the same as a easy to use DVD to FLV Mac Converter provides Mac users handy solution if they want to upload their DVD movie to website in FLV format. Some websites don’t recognize other formats but FLV format so convert DVD to FLV Mac is the best choice. Plus, FLV video is smaller than in other video formats, so many Mac users prefer FLV format than other formats. If you want to extract DVD to flv Video


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steven said...

I agree with previous comment. Such software makes the life much more easier. I only can add that if you have Windows and need to converter MP4 to MP3 or convert VOB you can use MP4 Converter. It works great!

converting vob files into avi said...

well, great tool to convert vob files to itunes on mac os x.
it is what i am looking for.


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