Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine idea for Valentine's gift!

Apple has created a special Valentine's Day page on the iTunes Store to help you out.The page is full of Valentine's Day promotions. From Frank Sinatra love songs to the movie Moulin Rouge, there is a little something for everyone. Apple even has some Chet Baker, one of my personal favorites, as well as romantic-themed audio books, podcasts, and TV show episodes.

Valentine card is an under recognized Valentines Day gift. offers so manay meaningful cards for Valentine's day, act to get one for your sweetheart .

Convert a ramatic movie on your iPod, iPhone, PSP to enjoy the special moment with your valentine. That's cool! iSkysoft released the Valentine’s Day promotion buy one your love gets one for FREE which can help you keep your romantic love forever!

Dejal Systems, LLC offers Valentines version 1.0 for the iPhone. Valentines enables you to create special Valentine's Day messages for the love of your life, or messages for multiple people. You can swipe through the messages to see them all. Your custom message text is displayed above a custom photo enclosed in an attractive heart-shaped frame.

Young German start-up company HOT CHILI APPS has released Valentine & Love Cards for iPhone . February 14th is the day to show a special sign of love. On this day millions of love symbols are exchanged all around the world. Valentine & Love C@rds offer lovely designs which can be created using many different types, fonts and colors and expanded with the user’s individual photos and lyrics.