Monday, September 8, 2008

iTunes 8!iPhone 2.1!The fourth generation iPod Nano!

A few days ago, Apple has issued invitations to all media about the conference at 10:00 on 9 Sep at Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco which entitled "Let's Rock". This conference is expected to be launched iTunes 8, iPhone 2.1 and fourth-eneration iPod Nano

iTunes 8
Kevin Rose pointed in his blog that iTunes 8 would add visual function, in addition, Apple might also add a "Genius" features which can automatically generate the play list sorted by the the same style and characteristics of the musics in the file library. It also includes the recommendation of the musics, you can use a convenient tool to purchase the musics from the iTunes Store . It is expected to add high-definition movie downloads.

iPhone 2.1
iPhone 2.1 will make a advanced improve based on the iPhone 2.0. The most noticeable is that its new "Push API", which allows third-party applications developers to provide updates directly to the iPhone. IM software and many other applications will also have a significant improvement. We look forward to most is the not disclosed new features even to developers.

The fourth-generation iPod Nano
Do you like fat Nano? If we do not like it, then you will be thirsty for the new Nano, which is all legs.

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Bharti Airtel announces Equal Monthly Installment (EMI) plans for iPhone 3G

Those ridiculous iPhone 3G pricing plans bogging you down? Then perhaps you should try the newly-announced Bharti Airtel Equal Monthly Installment plans.

It it said that the EMI plans make purchasing the iPhone 3G simple and convenient. And above all, it makes the iPhone 3G affordable, or course. Or least, that’s what Airtel is saying.

The new EMI plans will be available to all VISA cardholders of ICICI bank, HDFC bank, SBI Cards and Citibank. Bharti Airtel hopes to sell more iPhones with the introduction of these new plans.

Certain SBI and Citibank card holders can even benefit from the new plans even if they’ve already bought the iPhone. This only applies to customers who have bought within the last ten days, though, so double check the date on that iPhone 3G receipt of yours before you get your hopes up.

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