Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The 24th Annual Editors' Choice Awards

Eddy Winner: Nikon D300 digital camera
This Editors’ Choice Award winner is a serious camera for serious DSLR enthusiasts.

Eddy Winner: JamVox
Vox thought of nearly every aspect of what a Mac-using guitarist would want in amp-modeling software and then delivered it with JamVox.
Eddy Winner: Hulu
This online video service is reliable, easy-to-use, and, thanks to major improvements, an Editors’ Choice Award winner.
Eddy Winner: Kodak Zi6 HD mini camcorder
This Eddy Award-winning camcorder shoots good-looking video at 720p resolution—and its price tag is less than $200.
Eddy Winner: Ableton Live 7
Live has always been a capable application, and now the audio application from Ableton is even more so thanks to new features in version 7.
Eddy Winner: NEC MultiSync 3090WQXi display
For color pros who want a large canvas but don’t want to sacrifice color accuracy and performance, the NEC MultiSync 3090WQXi sets a new standard for big displays.
Eddy Winner: Airfoil 3.1
This Editors’ Choice Award winner unshackles you from iTunes so you can send audio from any application on your Mac to your remote speakers.
Eddy Winner: ScreenFlow 1.0.2
If you need to record what’s happening on your Mac’s screen, this Eddy Award winner is the best tool for the job.
Eddy Winner: VMware Fusion 2
If you want to run Windows, Linux, or other operating systems on your Intel-powered Mac, there’s no better choice than VMware Fusion 2.
Eddy Winner: BusySync 2.1.6
BusySync doesn’t quite get us all the way to calendar heaven, but it brought us a darn sight closer than Leopard did this year.
Eddy Winner: AppleJack 1.5
If your Mac starts misbehaving, this Eddy Award winner is the tool you need for tackling troubleshooting.
Eddy Winner: Canon EOS Rebel XSi digital camera
Canon continues to redefine the digital SLR market with the EOS REbel XSi, a winner of our Editors’ Choice Award for 2008.
Eddy Winner: Freeway 5 Pro
This Eddy Award-winning Web publishing tool lets you get professional-looking results without any of the hand-coding that Web pros rely on.
Eddy Winner: Canon Pixma MX850 multifunction printer
The Pixma MX850 from Canon offers everything you’d want in a multifunction device.
Eddy Winner: CSSEdit 2.6
CSSEdit may be a specialized tool, but this Editors’ Choice selection belongs in any Web designer’s tool kit.
Eddy Winner: Flock 2.0
It’s a Web 2.0 world, and Flock 2.0 has established itself as the browser of choice for people who actively participate in the increasingly social Net.
Eddy Winner: Photoshop Lightroom 2
The first version of Lightroom was a solid update when it came out in 2007, but this Eddy Award-winning update is even better.

Eddy Winner: iPhone 2.1 software update
Apple delivered new versions of the iPhone and iPod touch this year, but it was the software update that captured our Editors’ Choice Award.

Eddy Winner: Logitech diNovo Edge Mac Edition keyboard
People have been waiting for a Mac-compatible version of Logitech’s acclaimed diNovo Edge keyboard since the Windows model was released back in 2006. They finally got it in 2008.
Eddy Winner: Epson Stylus Photo R1900 inkjet printer
Epson’s Eddy Award-winning inkjet produces the best glossy photos we’ve seen from any printer priced under $1,000.


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