Friday, December 26, 2008

The best iPhone apps the year!

*Cydia: Jay Freeman’s installer application, Cydia, is included when you jailbreak your phone with QuickPwn or the PwnageTool. It’s with Cydia that you download third-party applications to your iPhone or first-generation iPod touch. (Included are applications for regular folks as well as developers.

*Cycorder: A free application authored by Freeman, Cycorder lets you shoot videos with your iPhone’s camera at frame rates from 6 to 15 frames per second. The resulting movies are encoded with MJPEG compression and are playable on your Mac.

*Winterboard: Another Freeman creation, integrated into Cydia, the free Winterboard lets you skin the iPhone and iPod touch’s interface with themes also available via Cydia.

*Podcaster: This app by Alex Sokirynsky lets you stream and download podcasts directly to your iPhone or iPod touch—no iTunes required. Apple barred the controversial Podcaster from the App Store for allegedly “duplicating” functionality of the iPhone. Not to be denied, Sokirynsky began distributing it through Cydia and asking $5 per copy for his trouble. It’s a polished and extremely useful application.

*Snapture:If you’ve ever wished that your iPhone’s camera behaved more like a real digital camera and let you shoot in black-and-white and featured digital zoom, timer functions, and burst mode,’s free Snapture is the answer to that wish.

*Netatalk: Netatalk is the free iPhone/iPod touch version of the open-source implementation of the AppleTalk networking protocol. With it installed on your iPhone or iPod touch, you can gain access to the device’s file system from your computer, just as you can with any other networked device. Having this kind of access is extremely helpful for moving files on and off the iPhone or iPod touch.

*OpenSSH: The free OpenSSH, integrated into Cydia, provides another way into your jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch. With it installed, you can use the Secure File Transfer Protocol to get into the guts of your device.



Grabsteine said...

Because I'm producing some music, I liked the IPhone Beatmaker the most. It's not a perfect App, but it's very good for by the way.

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