Thursday, November 20, 2008

iPod tidbits

iPod nano and classic audio recording
If you have an iPhone headset (or a mic-equipped headset compatible with the iPhone) you can use it to record voice memos on your 4G iPod nano and 2G iPod classic. These headsets do not record with the previous nano or classic.

iPod touch with iPhone headset
You’ve likely heard that quickly triple-pressing the microphone button on the iPhone’s headset causes the iPhone running 2.1 software to move back one track. Maybe you haven’t heard that it works exactly the same way with this headset plugged into a 2G iPod touch.

iPod touch audio recording
The 2G iPod touch will record audio from a microphone—someday. Although the feature is built in, Apple told me that developers will have to modify their applications to bring that capability to the 2G iPod touch, as enabling it for the iPhone doesn’t also enable it for the iPod touch. Should you try to install an application that includes audio recording to a 2G iPod touch, iTunes will tell you it can’t be done.

By Macworld

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